Kim Kardashian Says Bruce Jenner Is a 'Beautiful' Woman -- She Even Knows His New Name!

Bruce Jenner's number one most supportive fan has only glowing things to say about her step dad as he transitions into living life fully as a woman. In a three-part interview with Access Hollywood, Kim Kardashian revealed she has seen Bruce fully dressed as a woman and the world is not going to believe what they see.


Kim, 34, who has been hailed by Bruce as the family member who has been most accepting of his decision to transition to a woman, glowed when asked what Bruce looked like now: "She looked beautiful, really beautiful."

Kim's choice of the "she" pronoun speaks volumes about her attitude and the fact that she is 100 percent supportive of the man who helped raise her. Kim added that she saw her step dad dressed up with full makeup and hair and that — most importantly — Bruce seemed comfortable in his new identity. 

And that's the key, I think. The whole point in transitioning is to find the skin Bruce feels comfortable inhabiting and it appears that's exactly what has happened. Just in case you're curious (of course you are!) Kim said she knows what name Bruce has chosen, but that she isn't telling. Even after the host tried to get something out of her, asking if it begins with a "K," she kept her vow of silence.

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Kim's eloquence when speaking about Bruce and her ability to keep his confidence has led to him employing her as his public voice. She has really stepped up to the plate and is proving a trusted friend and ally for Bruce — and we love her for it.

What are your thoughts on Kim's latest comments about Bruce?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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