10 Times Kate Middleton Committed a Beauty Faux Pas

Michele Zipp | May 18, 2015 Celebrities
10 Times Kate Middleton Committed a Beauty Faux Pas
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We all have our off days -- even Kate Middleton. Though Kate is still incredibly beautiful even on those "off days." (Oh to be a Princess!) Sometimes we aren't looking our best due to the heat, an accidentally heavy hand when it comes to makeup, or a sleepless night that often comes with being a mom -- Kate can especially relate to that last one now that she has two little ones. 

Not even our beloved Princess can look impeccably perfect every moment of every day. It's hard to believe it's true, but from time to time, Kate Middleton has a less-than-stellar makeup moment, and doesn't look like the flawless angel we know she is. But who hasn't been there and done that? Not every product lives up to its promises, after all. 

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We totally can't blame Kate a bit for the occasional beauty faux pas. It might even make us love her more just because it reminds us of her humanity and the fact that she's really just like us. They were hard to find (because really -- she's gorgeous 99 percent of the time), but check out 10 of Kate's "off moments" that make her all the more relatable and, dare we say, even more beautiful.

  • Humidity hair?


    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    Wearing a headpiece is never an easy feat. Wearing one with wind and perhaps humidity makes for a hair disaster. It's hard to tell what's hair and what's headpiece -- and I can't imagine the Queen appreciating flyaways. Still love that smile, Kate.

  • Disco fever.


    Image via Tony Clark/Splash News

    This was for a theme party, so we forgive Kate for her neon and sequin outfits -- hot pants! She could have gone a little more wild with her makeup, but she stayed minimal, which is why this is a beauty faux pas.

  • Too much makeup.

    kate middleton
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    Kate's eyes are very heavily lined with black and it's a look that ages her. Might be the lighting -- she didn't get the privilege of running this photo through a soft Instagram filter.

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  • She's come undone.

    kate middleton
    Mirrorpix/Splash News

    Ponytails and pulled back looks are great ... until some wind or the hours ticking by creates a poof and wayward hairs. She's still flawless in my book.

  • Anarchy?

    kate middleton
    R Chiang/Splash News

    Something about Kate's look here makes her appear a bit sinister. It might just be the shoulder pads. Or her heavy eyes and dark makeup. I just want a pop of color here -- a little lint tint.

  • Hat attack.

    kate middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    I'm going to blame the hat for the hair issues here. I don't think anyone can wear a hat that far forward on your forehead and not have your hair shrivel up in horror.

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  • Sleepy Kate.

    kate middleton
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    Proof that everyone looks better smiling. I'm not faulting Kate at all -- it must be exhausting knowing anytime you are out in public you will be photographed. Kate looks like she needs a little nap here -- and she deserves it.

  • Royally eyeshadowed.

    kate middleton tired
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Too. Much. Eyeshadow. I'm only a fan of the heavily shadowed lid in professional photoshoots. Otherwise it ends up looking too much and can make a tired person look even more tired.

  • Too cheeky.

    kate middleton
    Gotcha Images/Splash News

    I'm not a fan of the blush here --- it makes her face look too red in comparison to her neck. Also ... are those some grey hairs in there? No judgment -- I have about 10 times as much as Kate.

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  • Baggage claim.

    Splash News

    Here we see the glow of a pregnant with baby number two Kate. We also see a bit of baggage under those eyes -- I truly hope baby Princess is allowing her to sleep.

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