Jessa Seewald Proudly Posts Video of Husband Ben's College Graduation (VIDEO)

Jessa Seewald is a proud wife and mommy-to-be. The 22-year-old 19 Kids and Counting star congratulated her husband as he graduated from National Park College this weekend — and posted a sweet video of her hubby proving he had one person on his mind as he accepted his degree: HER.


The lovebirds, who announced in April they are expecting their first child in November, are constantly expressing their gratitude for one another and sharing sweet photos of their daily activities. Nothing new there!

But Jessa turned the spotlight on Ben when he walked on stage to accept his degree, and then he (the good husband he is) put the focus right back on Jessa by blowing her a kiss after shaking his professors' hands:

How adorable is this video?

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One of the advantages this couple has in getting married at a young age (Ben is just 19) is that they are going to go through so many life experiences together. Graduating college is just the beginning. Rather than meeting and getting to know one another when they're established in their careers, Jessa and Ben will support each other's accomplishments and failures from an early age.

What do you think about Jessa and Ben's decision to marry young?


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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