Teresa Giudice Gets Out of Prison -- To Go to the Hospital

Teresa Giudice has reportedly been let out of prison! It's only temporary though, as she sustained an injury that required medical treatment. Don't worry, fans of justice, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star will finish out the rest of her sentence in the Danbury Federal Corrections Institute.


Apparently, the reality star suffered a shoulder injury while in prison that required medical attention, and she was hospitalized. She's been suffering with a sore shoulder for awhile, but it finally got to the point where it couldn't be ignored anymore.

A source told RadarOnline that "Teresa hurt her shoulder," and that "she is going for an MRI, X-Rays and all kinds of tests." Although she may have been hurt before her sentence began in January, it's gotten worse in recent months.

"It was hurting her before she went in to prison, but she hurt it even more," the insider continued. "Her injury is due to wear and tear from her working out."

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It seems as though the convict has become quite the fitness buff, with workouts after every meal. Another source previously reported, "She works out three times a day."

Even though she required a trip to the doctor, Teresa hasn't received any special treatment whatsoever in the slammer. The source said, "The special treatment has come to an end ... she is getting treated like all the rest of the inmates."

"They will not give her extra padding for her bed to make her more comfortable," the insider went on. "They won't even give her an extra pillow to put under her shoulder to give her relief."

I feel a little bad for Teresa being in pain, but then again, isn't the idea of jail supposed to be penance for your crimes? If it were like a vacation, it wouldn't be prison.

Regardless, we hope she feels better soon, and can serve out the rest of her sentence without incident.

Do you think Teresa Giudice should be given special treatment for being a reality star?


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