Khloe Kardashian Shops for Bruce Jenner & Brings Him to Tears (VIDEO)

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In the upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special, there is a heartwarming moment between Khloe Kardashian and her step-father Bruce Jenner. She goes to visit him, complaining about the gravel in the driveway not being easy to navigate in heels, and she gives him a gift. But it's not what's in the boxes that brings Bruce to tears ... happy tears. It's Khloe and her support and love.


While the family clearly loves Bruce no matter what, when something major changes like this there are going to be some difficult times -- that's why it's called family though. The Jenners and Kardashians are a tight knit group and Bruce is their dad -- the love is there and will never go away. But they are all still learning about how the changes -- Kris and Bruce's divorce as well as his transition -- may or may not change the dynamic.

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The clip is quite emotional. You can see the love that he has for Khloe in his face. You can see how much Khloe loves her step-dad and wants him to know how much she cares, and how important he is to her. Watch.

It's going to be tough to keep up with the Kardashians in the fashion department -- that is one area Bruce, as he transitions, might need to take tons of advice from his daughters (and ex-wife). They always look amazing in whatever they are wearing.

It's sweet how Khloe picked out some things she thought Brucie, as she calls him, might like. He admits he doesn't know "her" taste yet either, but that look on his face says it all. He loves Khloe, he is so thankful that she loves and accepts him, and it doesn't even matter what is in those boxes -- what matters is that they are family and that is forever.

You have to hand it to this family -- they are true examples of support and unconditional love.

What do you think of Khloe's sweet gesture for Bruce?

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