Amy Schumer's 'Late Night Interview' Parody Turns Ridiculous Double Standard on Its Head (VIDEO)

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If you've ever rolled your eyes at the over-the-top flirtiness of a female celeb on a late night talk show (and who hasn't?!), you'll appreciate Amy Schumer's "Late Night Interview" parody. See, Schumer's clearly been paying attention to the coquettish starlet act most actresses resort to when giving interviews to male hosts, and she's just as fed up with the whole thing as you are -- possibly more! 


On the most recent episode of Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian plays "Amy Lake Blively," a glossy-legged, hair-tossing actress promoting her "starring debut in Baz Luhrmann’s musical remake of Blade Runner” on the "Cliffly Lately" show (with Cliffly Lately played by a faux-lecherous Bill Hader). Right out of the gate, Schumer nails the overly formulaic patter that usually goes on between male talk show hosts and their female guests: She talks about her standing crush on "Cliffly," pretends she has no idea how to sit in her super-short dress, waxes rhapsodic about her recent girlfriends getaway to a nature preserve in Fiji with "underprivileged dolphins" and attempts to ingenuously paint herself as the ultimate guy's girl: 

"But no, I am like such a tomboy. I usually just wear, like, sweatpants if I'm home, or my favorite team's jersey. Or I'm naked!"

Yeah, we know ... GAG. But the thing is, as much as we'd like to say that Schumer is exaggerating these typical celeb antics, she's really not:

Yikes, remind us to never tell any guys that Star Wars is our favorite movie. Seriously though, Schumer and Hader are actually presenting a fairly accurate portrayal here of what usually happens on these shows. The question is, why does it have to be that way? Sure, the male hosts are partly to blame for their inevitable comments about how young and hot their lady guests look -- not that being complementary is a bad thing, necessarily -- but the ladies themselves don't need to play into the whole shtick quite so much in this day and age, do they? 

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In a way, Schumer's parody is in the same vein as Tina Fey's recent (brilliant) farewell striptease for David Letterman -- and maybe what we need are more bits like these to effectively banish this late night double standard. Because the thing is, what Schumer and Fey are doing isn't just important from the feminist standpoint, it's a whole lot funnier than the norm.

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