The Duggars Undergo Name Changes -- No More 'J's!

Ever since TIME Magazine released a name calculator that'll tell what your name would have been in each decade of the 20th century, everyone has been scrambling to find out what they would have been named today, or who their 1970s (or 1980s, or 1990s ...) alter ego would have been. You better bet that we put in all of the Duggar family's names just to see who they would have been if they had been born in the 1920s.


The results are in and it's bad news for Michelle and Jim Bob: The J name trend didn't last -- Jackson was the only one to land a J (he'd be Jesse). But really good news for everyone else: Now the image of a 1920s Duggar family exists in your imagination. You're welcome.

We can see it now: Michelle Duggar's past life as a flapper, Jill Duggar vs. drop waisted skirts, Josiah doing the Charleston with Marjorie (pro: no touching involved). And prohibition would have been a dream come true for Jim Bob.

TIME's calculator works by taking the popularity rank of your name in the year you were born and using the Social Security Administration's data to figure out which names were in the same slot each decade. 

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SO. If they lived in the 1920s, this is what the Duggars would have been named:

Jim Bob - Seymour Casimir

Michelle - Margaret

Josh - Oakley

Anna - Leona

Jana - Letitia

John-David - Raymond-Joesph

Jill - Dorcas (DEFINITELY the winner of this non-competition)

Derick - Edison

Jessa - Ozzie (and this is important: If she were born today, she'd be Rihanna)

Ben - Elmer

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Jinger - Kaye

Joseph - Raymon

Josiah - Isadore

Joy-Anna - Berenice-Agnes

Jedidiah - Vinson (but he missed these by just a couple years: Grey, Blade, Kc, Ignatius, Zeb, and Ember)

Jeremiah - Aaron

Jason - Clifford

James - Clarence

Justin - Roy

Jackson - Jesse

Johannah - Dardanella

Jennifer - Harriet

Jordyn-Grace - Elnora-Ethel

Josie - Linnie

Did you try the calculator? What would your name be in 1920?


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