The Kardashians Get New Names, 1960s Style!

Khloe Kim Kourtney Kardashian

Whoa! Have you seen the cool new tool from TIME that tells you what you would be named if you were born today, or in a different decade from when your actual birth date falls? The results are pretty interesting, to say the least, so we couldn't help but wonder just how different the Kardashian/Jenner family monikers would've turned out to be if they'd all been born in say, the 1960s.


We put the tool to the test for the entire crew, and what it came up with is pretty entertaining, to say the least!

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Kris: Unknown -- Well, ain't that some sh**. The leader of the whole pack wouldn't even have an identity if she'd been a child of the 60s.

Kim: Earnestine -- Uhhhh, ok. Earnestine West. Sure has a nice ring to it.

Kourtney: Jonnie -- Aww. She kinda looks like a Jonnie, don't you think? She's fun, laid-back, and spunky.

Khloe: Mickey -- Forget reality TV, if Koko had been born in the 60s, she could've had a promising career in the theme park biz.

Kylie: Lee -- Huh. Well, at least half of her name appears to be timeless.

Kendall: Wilma -- OMG. From fashion model to the Flintstones. Quite the leap.

Rob: Winfield -- This is seriously getting better by the minute, people. Winfield Kardashian. Now there's a name that would've been sure to make it's mark on history.

Bruce: Steve -- Simple. Understated. Classic. We dig it.

Kanye (We just couldn't resist throwing him in for good measure): No results available. Since Kanye came up less than five times in the data used to support the tool, he has no today name. Or yesterday name. Or 1960s name. Maybe he's actually a figment of our imagination? (One can hope.)

What is your 1960s name?


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