New Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rumor Is Almost Too Good to Be True

Could it be? Is Kim Kardashian finally pregnant? The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her husband Kanye West have infamously been trying for a little sibling for North West, and rumor has it that they've finally succeeded.


According to OK! magazine, an insider has reported that not only is Kim pregnant after nearly a quarter of million dollars in fertility treatments, but she's also expecting a boy!

The source reported, "To say that he's happy that she's carrying a boy is an understatement ... One of each is perfect for them."

Apparently it was the having sex "500 times a day" that did the trick either. Allegedly, Kim and Kanye ended up using fertility treatments, and spent $230,000 on IVF. How one spends that much on IVF in so little time is beyond me, but Kim is not exactly known for settling for less than the best.

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If Kim really is pregnant, it's likely to be her last. She's openly struggled on the show with her cervical problems and attempts to get pregnant, and her pregnancy with Nori wasn't exactly a walk in the park.

The insider added, "Chances are, having gone through so much to conceive this baby, it will be their last ... they aren't really talking about what's next. All they can do right now is make sure that this baby is being taken care of."

Of course, this is likely all just gossip, but hey, you never know! It could be why she changed her hair back to dark brunette a few weeks ago after having been platinum blonde for a bit. Those bleach fumes aren't good for a bun in the over, after all.

Do you think Kim is pregnant?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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