'Pirate' Johnny Depp Is in Hot Water for Smuggling His Dogs Into Australia

You know who has zero patience for Johnny Depp and any other celeb who thinks his/her desires trump the health of an entire nation? Australia — as in, all of Australia. The entire damn country. They're mad as hell that the actor smuggled his two Yorkshire terriers down under and their Agriculture Minister has threatened to euthanize the pooches if Depp doesn't fly them back to La La Land pronto.


In a video posted online by ABC Australia, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce made it crystal clear that little Pistol and Boo are going to have to fend for themselves back in the US of A while Depp films his 146th Pirates of the Caribbean movie on Australian turf.

It seems the 51-year-old actor brought his dogs along on his chartered flight, but he either didn't spend enough time reading about the country's rules regarding the import of pets or figured they wouldn't apply to him because his cheekbones have been known to bring back species from extinction.

Unfortunately, Aussie law dictates that all animals brought in from other countries — even those served puppy chow from Depp's hand-blown Venetian glass dog bowls — are required to be quarantined for a specific period of time in order to keep disease out of the country.

Depp now has a choice: send his pets back to California, or risk them being euthanized in Australia.

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But don't worry, guys. Pistol and Boo are in a home quarantine as you read this and Depp's lovely wife, Amber Heard, is attempting to negotiate with the Agricultural department. Because that'll work.

Oh, and there's a petition created by some serious Depp fans that you can sign if you actually think this is a problem and that either of these dogs will really be euthanized any time in the near future.

Or you can just allow Depp to be the adult male he is and send his dogs back to Cali to be treated like the gods they are by a whole team of dog nurturers who are at his disposal. Because, at the end of the day, he broke the rules.

Do you think Johnny Depp should be forced to send his dogs back to California?


Image via Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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