10 Controversial Jim Bob Duggar Quotes That Got Tongues Wagging

Jim Bob Duggar

You know what they say: Out of the mouths of reality stars oft come ... well, not gems, exactly. Unless by "gems" you mean "statements that betray a borderline disturbing lack of logic and/or critical thinking skills." That's certainly the case when it comes to Jim Bob Duggar, patriarch of the supersized, ultra-conservative Duggar clan we've all come to know and, er, love via the TLC hit 19 Kids and Counting. As one might expect, Mr. Duggar has some pretty strong opinions, and, as one might also expect, they're not exactly mainstream.

Here are 10 of the most cringeworthy quotes to come out of Jim Bob Duggar's mouth ... so far. 

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  • Smartphones Steal Your Soul


    In an interview with Covenant Eyes, a software company that blocks websites with potentially inappropriate content, Jim Bob said: “It so important not to have open Internet that you can go see anything, do anything, any time you want. Especially now with the smartphones. They can go off by themselves and take it out in a hurry. It has the potential to steal somebody’s soul.” Um, there's an app for that?

  • Biblical Bribes


    On motivating his children to learn Scripture, Jim Bob said: "We’ve also put a challenge out to our kids, that if any of them will memorize the whole book of Proverbs, that we will give them $1,000. Our son Jeremiah has taken us up on this; so far he’s memorized the first 26 chapters. Each one of our children are wise, but I think that’s given him an extra measure of wisdom.” Hey Jim Bob, will you give me $1K if I memorize Proverbs?!

  • Andy Griffith Ain't Wholesome Enough


    “The Andy Griffith Show is a very wholesome show, but when a crisis comes up, they leave God out of the equation,” said Jim Bob when discussing his family's TV viewing habits. “They don’t pray to God asking for his help. Usually they solve the problem with deceit or manipulation. It’s really teaching how to live your life without God. Even though we watch those shows, we usually have a discussion afterward about how things should have been done differently.” WOW, Jim Bob. We're guessing the Duggars don't watch anything filmed after approximately 1962?

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  • Boys Will Be Boys


    “Young men would have more of a struggle seeing bad stuff, so what we’ve done with the smartphones that we’ve had, we’ve actually locked out Safari and any Internet search at all, and then we’ve just had basic apps,” said Jim Bob, elaborating on the evils of soul-stealing smartphones. “We have emails and just the basic things on the phones for the guys. But … even on the maps and things there are some ways to see some bad things, and that’s a struggle.” SEE NO EVIL!!!

  • Jesus for President!


    Why did the Duggars campaign for Rick Santorum in 2012? Well, because Republicans are "not going to find a perfect candidate, unless it's Jesus Christ," explained Jim Bob. Good lord.

  • Girls Don't Wanna Have Fun


    Jim Bob had some stellar advice for daughter Jessa and her now-husband Ben before their wedding: "Both of you'll like the physical relationship, but the guy, that'll be kinda the main focus. But, for a woman, communicating is the most important thing." Way to set the bar low for your new son-in-law, dude.

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  • Jim Bob Went A-Courtin'


    Ever wonder what the difference between "courting" and "dating" is? "Courting is getting to know each other in a group setting, both families spending time together and the couple setting goals together to determine if they are meant to marry," explained Jim Bob. "With dating, a couple will often pair off alone and that sometimes leads to a more physical relationship." Well, that clears that up.

  • The Big Bang Theory


    Evolution, schmevolution. Jim Bob has the creation of the universe thing all figured out: "It was impossible for this world just to happen by chance," he said. And Adam and Eve totally hung out with vegetarian dinosaurs.

  • Words to Live By (?)


    Here's some bizarre, ambiguous advice (lifted from "The Duggars" book): "Be careful what you're good at doing, because you'll probably do a lot of it." So, uh, try to be good at courting, as opposed to dating? 

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  • Holy Matrimony


    Marriage is easy, guys! Just remember these wise words: "The closer a husband and wife get to God, the closer they get to each other. The farther away they get from God, the farther they get from each other."

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