Lindsay Lohan Excited to 'Make a Difference' in Lives of Kids at Day Care -- After Showing Up Late

Every couple months Lindsay Lohan comes up in the news for doing something weird again, and it's almost always amazing to watch. This time, people are talkin' because Lindsay committed to spending the next 15 days in a NYC daycare center working off her 115 community service hours. According to her Twitter, she's excited to "make a difference" but it kinda seems like she's more excited to "stay out of jail."


Lindsay will be working at the Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn, and it's a little hard to say if they're more/less excited excited to have Lindsay than she is to be there. Because she's pretty excited. Apparently.

Not that that stopped her from showing up two hours late to her first day on the job (did we not mention?!). Not sure your enthusiasm makes up for that, girl. Sorry.

I dunno, LiLo. What, exactly do you think you're going to be doing that'll change the lives of these kids? Filing their paperwork? Yeesh.

Duffield Children’s Center sent out letters to the parents of their kids warning them of Lindsay's imminent arrival -- or, sorry, reminding them gently that she'd be around, but assuring them she wouldn't be left alone with their kids.

Because, really. She doesn't have the best history of being a "responsible adult" who should be "put in charge" of "children."

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There's footage of Lindsay at the same daycare center from the documentary series she did with Oprah. It aired more than a year ago, and there's no evidence to suggest she's been back to the daycare center since then.

Well, except for this morning. And presumably, she'll be back until her community service hours are done so she doesn't have to face the L.A. judge (who totally has it out for her, by the way) short on her hours again.

But hey -- maybe this will be good for her! Maybe these kids are the faces she needs to pull her out of her slump once and for all. And then when THEY Tweet that they "made a difference" in her life, it'll actually be true.

Also, this might be a conversation for a different time, but I think it's time someone talk to Lindsay about her obvious overuse of the prayer hands emoji. Agreed?

Did Lindsay's Tweet seem sincere to you?


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