Did Sarah Jessica Parker Just Drop a Hint That 'Sex and the City 3' Will Really Happen? (PHOTO)

Sarah Jessica Parker is totally teasing us at this point. While rumors about another Sex and the City film have been floating about for months now, SJP's latest photo on Instagram had us convinced—convinced!—that we were just moments away from hearing the news that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda were going to reunite. Alas, the truth is a bit infuriating.


Here's the photo that launched a grenade of happy comments and thoughts from SATC fans—Sarah posted this on Instagram two days ago, showing her exiting Bloomingdale's in NYC, wearing what could either be described as a very modern-day chic Carrie uniform (those gold pumps!) or a classic SJP uniform, depending on what you want to see:

When she says she is "under strict gag order," you automatically assume she means she can't talk about a new SATC project, right?


Warner Bros., which was responsible for previous SATC films, has not uttered a peep about a possible sequel, and in fact, issued a statement after Parker's photo caused hysteria, simply stating: "The post is not in relation to the Sex and the City property."

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Perhaps Parker couldn't live with herself for getting fans' hopes up because she, too, posted a follow-up photo, revealing what she truly meant to say the first time around:

Her excitement has nothing at all to do with a possible sequel, and everything to do with the fact that her shoe line, the SJP Collection, has found a permanent home at Bloomie's.

And, while we're over the moon for her and can't wait to ogle her shoes, we'd be lying if we weren't thinking: Oh, come on! Start filming, already! Think of a new movie as another great way to promote the SJP Collection, if you only have shoes on the brain. Get Carrie into a pair from your fall line, add a tutu and T-shirt, and let's launch this project out of the gate!

So, I guess what I'm saying is: we're glad for SJP's sake, and sorry for ours.

Do you think a Sex and the City sequel is really in the works?


Image via sarahjessicaparker/Instagram

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