Jamie Dornan's Reaction to 'Hottest Hunk' Status Is Surprising at Best

I've heard of being humble, but, come on. Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan has just been named Heat's number one, sexiest celebrity in the galaxy. While Christian Grey probably wouldn't doubt it, Dornan says this has to be some kind of mistake.


Dornan is currently in South Africa filming Jadotville. The 33-year-old's father thought it would hilarious to send him a copy of the annual survey so he could see for himself that the peope have spoken and he has been declared the hottest hunk in the world. Not only was Dornan unimpressed, he was actually dubious of the honor.

"When I called him he told me, 'There must be some kind of mistake.' But that's his usual modest self-effacement coming through," Dornan's dad told Times Live.

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I'm sorry, Jamie, but the mere fact that you don't find yourself sexy just upped your sexy quotient by about a million. There is nothing better than a man who is physically hot (and, despite what Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall thinks of him, he's got classic bedroom eyes and abs that cut glass) and also sweet and grounded.

And this isn't just about his personality or looks. Dornan's talent and ability to bring characters to life and give them depth that goes beyond their hotness is also a major reason why he was a top choice in this poll.

But, if we can be honest with ourselves here: his smoldering stare might be 98 percent responsible for this title.

What do you think about Jamie Dornan's attitude toward his "sexy" win?


Image via Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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