Queen Elizabeth's Comments on Princess Charlotte May Surprise You

queen elizabeth

It isn't every day that we get to hear how the Queen of England is feeling, so when we do, we listen up. According to sources, Queen Elizabeth is delighted to have a great grand-daughter. The Queen hosted a garden party on the lawn of Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, and when one guest congratulated her on the arrival of Princess Charlotte, she said, "Yes, we love to have another girl." Aww. How cute!


The guest went on to say, "She said how pleased she was to have another great-granddaughter in particular." Love to hear that! In fact, ironically, Prince George is the Queen's only male great grandchild. She's surrounded by little girls -- and apparently, she loves it!

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We're yet to get an official photo of the royal family with their latest addition, but it will be adorable to see everyone surrounded by the sweet little princess. Clearly, she's very loved. 

For whatever reason, many people often think of the Queen as, well, a hard ass, for lack of a better phrase, but if you ask me, she's a sweet old lady who loves her some grandkids. And, apparently, if those grandkids are cute little girls, well, that's all the better to her. 

Can't wait to see a photo of Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth together! Precious!

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