Watch Owen Wilson Say ‘Wow’ for Two Straight Minutes & Try Not to Claw Your Ears Out (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to Owen Wilson say "Wow" for more than two minutes straight? WELL you, my friend, are in luck, because there's finally a compilation video of that very thing.


We do not know who came up with the genius idea to do this (presumably YouTuber Owenergy Studios), but we have a few words for you: Wow. WOW. Good job.

This video, while amazing, is also a test of endurance on many different levels:

  1. Can you make it through the whole thing, start to finish? Wow.
  2. Can you make it through the whole thing without questioning the fundamental make up of the word "wow"? Wa-ow!
  3. And finally, can you make it through without crushing the items in front of you into tiny bits? WOW!! Owen would be proud. Or ... wowed, if you will.

Which "wow" was your favorite?


Image via Owenergy Studios/YouTube

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