Ryan Reynolds’ Mother’s Day Message From ‘Deadpool’ Is NSFW (PHOTO)

ryan reynolds deadpool mother's day

Deadpool is an action hero with many skills. And Ryan Reynolds is here to show them all. Reynolds just posted a photo on Twitter to celebrate Mother's Day. In it, the Marvel character cradles a newborn while a nurse looks on and a mother rests her legs in the stirrups. Sounds cheeky already? Just wait until you get a hold of his comments.


Certainly Not Safe For Work, so consider yourselves warned! Deadpool doesn't hold back, and clearly, neither does Reynolds. Take a look:

Yes, the actor did share a sweet shout-out to his own mom on the big day, but it's really this tweet that's garnered him plenty of attention.

For those who may not know, Deadpool made his first appearance in the Marvel universe in 1991 and has graduated from a super villain to a lovable antihero.

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And this isn't the first time Reynolds had a little fun with his character. Back in March, he shared this other sassy photo of Deadpool posing a la Burt Reynolds in Cosmopolitan:

It's fairly clear the actor's excited about his role. The film is set to premiere in February 2016, so let's hope we have plenty more bold messages from Reynolds in the next several months.

Keep 'em coming!

What do you think of Reynolds' message?



Image via Ryan Reynolds/Twitter

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