Miles Teller Rescues Pregnant Woman From Rip Tide Like a Real-Life Superhero

miles tellerA pregnant mom and her small child got two surprises at the beach this weekend. First, she was caught in a riptide. NO! But then she was rescued -- by actor Miles Teller! You know, the guy from Whiplash, Divergent, and the forthcoming Fantastic Four? In which he plays a superhero, NBD ...


The unnamed woman was swimming with her child at a beach in Miami when she became distressed in rough waters. Teller and his girlfriend, model Keleigh Sperry, were photographed helping the mom back to shore.

It's not clear if the mom recognized the movie star. I'm thinking maybe not? Because her life was in danger. Also, who expects to be rescued by Miles Teller? Who expects to run into him at the beach, for that matter?

Teller is playing superhero Mr. Fantastic in this summer's Fantastic Four, due out in August. And if you're a bit cynical like I am, you have to wonder if this was a staged publicity stunt. But maybe this was the real deal -- in which case, it was super cool of Teller to answer this woman's cries for help.

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Imagine how this woman is feeling now. Her photos are all over the Internet -- next to a movie star! Did she walk away without even knowing who he was, only to find out long after she'd returned from the beach? How crazy! To have her life saved -- and not even be aware of her brush with celebrity. As much as I like Teller as an actor, I still think if I were her I'd mostly be feeling relieved that I was rescued by someone, movie star or otherwise.

How would you feel if this happened to you?


Image via MCCFL / Splash News

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