Reese Witherspoon & 'SNL' Cast Apologize to Their Moms (VIDEO)

Can you imagine what you would say to your mom if you had to apologize to her for any of the "sins" you committed in life? Speaking from personal experience, it would take me a few months just to get through ages 14-17. When Reese Witherspoon hosted Saturday Night Live last night, she—and the other cast members—had an opportunity to invite their moms on stage so they could say "sorry" for some of the horrible things they did as children.


Most of the cast members revealed what you could easily call little white lies. Jay Pharaoh used to throw out weird little basil sandwiches his mom made for him and Bobby Moynihan copped up to writing on his grandmother's wall when he was kid—and then blaming it on his grandmother, who is in a wheelchair.

As you'll see, Reese had a slightly naughtier confession. And the moms were able to get back at their kids with a super-funny compilation of home videos:

Do you think Reese really lied to her mom about the sleepover so she could go do the hanky panky with her boyfriend in a hotel room? Mom, if you're reading this, my past sins are nowhere near as bad as this one.

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As a mom, it'll be interesting to see if I can easily detect when my daughter lies to me about going over a friend's house at 15. As someone who used to go as far as mailing myself fake party invitations, I think I'd have that one covered! Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

What's the worst lie you could reveal to your mom?


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