Kate Middleton's Dad Is Not Happy With Her Mom's Role In the Family

Uh oh. We knew Kate Middleton's mom, Carole, was taking an active role in the Duchess of Cambridge's life now that she is a mom of two, but the latest info about just how involved she is in Kate and Will's universe is so extreme that even Kate's dad has reportedly said enough is enough.


Carole watched Prince George while Kate was in the hospital giving birth to Charlotte, but the second she and Will returned home to Kensington Palace, Carole was right there, ready to help out in any way she could. That actually sounds nothing short of amazing so far, I have to say.

But Carole isn't simply changing a few diapers, keeping George entertained, and then leaving Kate and Will to it—she has reportedly moved in with the couple at their home in Amner Hall and plans to stay there for one month, while her daughter and son-in-law adjust to their new family dynamic.

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Carole has been nicknamed "The Gatekeeper" because she guards Kate, Will, and their children from the media and even from the choices of their own staff. Sources say she selects low-fat meals for Kate, who is trying to lose her baby weight, instructs nannies and baby nurses on how to do their jobs, and even decides which seasonal flowers will decorate the home.

I'm sure, as with most stories, there is a grain of truth in here somewhere, but that other parts are grossly exaggerated. I don't blame Carole for feeling like a protective lioness when it comes to her daughter and grandchildren. But I'm not sure how many orders she is barking at the nannies. Then again, who knows.

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Anyway, we aren't sure how Kate and Will feel about this high level of involvement (anyone else picturing them whispering beneath the covers at night about how they can convince Carole to get a mani/pedi so they can have some alone time with the kids?) but we hear Carole's husband, Michael, is not happy about all of this.

Sources say he thinks his daughter and Will should have more privacy during this time and figure out on their own the best way to manage their family of four.

Do you think Kate's mom is too involved or would you kill for this kind of help after baby?


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