Jennifer Hudson's Son Strikes an Adorably Fierce Pose With Workout Partner, 'Dada' (PHOTO)

david otunga mini me jennifer hudsonWill you please look at this fierce little guy? Jennifer Hudson's son pumps iron with his big daddy in an adorable Instagram photo. Hudson's fiance, WWE wrestler David Otunga, posted the father-son shot yesterday.


You've gotta love that ferocious scowl on David Jr.'s face. Just like dad's! In the caption, Otunga says, "Late night training session with my workout partner, Mini Me. He said, 'I want to work out with you every day Dada.' #Flattered." Daww, you guys. 

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Those are some big weights for a little five year old, too! I'm impressed. I hope they do work out together as a father-son bonding activity, and to build healthy habits for a lifetime. 

Of course, children have to approach fitness (especially strength training) very carefully, given their growing bodies. But I'm sure Otunga knows that. Maybe this should inspire us all to get active with our own kids.

What's your favorite physical activity to share with your kids?


Image via David Otunga/Instagram


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