Miley Cyrus Isn't All Bad -- She's Helping Homeless People (VIDEO)

miley cyrus jesseMiley Cyrus first took a stand against youth homelessness when she invited former homeless teen Jesse onto the MTV Video Music Award stage to accept the trophy on her behalf and deliver a poignant speech about the struggle facing the youth today. But now, the star has taken it one step further and has launched The Happy Hippie Foundation to help support homeless and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth.


Studies prove that there are over 1.6 million homeless teens throughout the country. Whether they chose to leave home voluntarily or were kicked out, or a combination of the two, their stories are all powerful. Take a look at Miley's plans:

Within the United States alone, 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT. They have either left home because they weren't accepted, were abused, were kicked out, or a variety of other reasons. And the numbers are staggering.

Other studies show that on average, a typical homeless teen leaves their childhood home at around age 14. For years, they live on the streets and in shelters, where they face added discrimination and abuse. The National Coalition for the Homeless notes that many homeless LGBT youth find themselves turned away from shelters, are physically assaulted, or are banned altogether.

And that's exactly what Miley's foundation is aiming to end.

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Together with other artists, she's creating support groups for the teens and their families. Then, they're working to help My Friend's Place, the Hollywood center for homeless youth that she originally supported at the VMAs.

She's also raising money through a series of music videos with artists like Ariana Grande and Joan Jett. And in a few years, with its success, she's hoping to expand the organization even further.

Find out more about the foundation on its site: The Happy Hippie Foundation.

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