Adam Levine Sugar Bombed Outside ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ & It’s Not Funny (VIDEO)

adam levine sugar bombedHow sweet is Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine? A little sweeter than usual as of yesterday. While signing autographs outside the Jimmy Kimmel Live set Levine got sugar bombed. Yes, that's a thing -- and Levine didn't like it one bit.


A man threw a bag of powdered sugar as Levine was leaning into the crowd of fans, and the sugar got all over the singer's face and shoulders. He remained calm after the attack, but looked shaken. Clearly he did not see that coming.

I feel so bad for #ADAMLEVINE #MAROON5 #hollywood #jimmykimmel #jimmykimmellive

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The sugar bomber is reportedly the same man who threw a rock at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson last week. A rep for Kimmel told Hollywood Reporter, "Immediately after the incident occurred, Jimmy Kimmel Live security followed protocol and alerted LAPD, who responded quickly and are looking into the situation." 

Sugar bombing may sound funny, but for Levine it must have been a little scary. After the initial flash of irritation and shock at having stuff thrown at you, your second thought would be, "WTF was that, and could it kill me?" There could have been Anthrax or acid mixed in the sugar for all he knows. People do crazy things. Thankfully it really was just sugar. 

The suspect has been arrested for battery, according to TMZ. I hope that stops anyone else from trying the same thing. Celebs may be rich and privileged and surrounded by bodyguards, but even they deserve more safety and respect than this.

How would you feel if a stranger suddenly threw a bag of powdered sugar at you?


Image via kristal_klune/Instagram

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