15 Epic Kardashian Feuds the Family Will Never Live Down (PHOTOS)

Lauren Brown | May 7, 2015 Celebrities
15 Epic Kardashian Feuds the Family Will Never Live Down (PHOTOS)

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The Kardashians are one tight knit clan -- but like any family, they've had their share of ups and downs. And when they fight, it's over the top -- just like they are! From career drama to relationship drama to some good old fashioned sibling rivalry, they've aruged over pretty much ... anything and everything.

Take a look at 15 of their most memorable family feuds, some of which they'll probably never live down!

Which Kardashian feud were you most shocked by?


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  • Kim vs. Khloe: Thailand


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    The family that vacations together -- feuds the biggest together! While in Thailand on an infamous Kardashian family getaway, Khloe decides she's had enough and wants to head back home early. Kim is offended. Khloe tells her to "go take more selfies, though to be fair, Kim spent the whole trip with the camera in her face taking selfies for Kanye. That hits a nerve, and Kim tells Khloe that shes a "miserable person."

  • Kourtney and Khloe vs. Kim and Her Obsession with Clothes


    Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

    It's a fact, Kim Kardashian loves clothes and loves fashion. She fulfilled a lifelong dream of being on the cover of Vogue last year and dresses up daughter North like she's starring in her own fashion show every day. But not everyone appreciates Kim's passion -- especially sisters Khloe and Kourtney. They ganged up on Kim because they are sick of her "constant chatter about clothes," and they think she's "more vapid than ever." In fact, Kourt and Khloe think this obsession has made Kim "boring" and you know those are fighting words. Kim would rather be vapid than boring!

  • Kim vs. Rob: Rob Compares Kim to Amy Dunne of 'Gone Girl'


    Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

    For those of you who haven’t read (or seen the movie) Gone Girl, here's a tiny spoiler -- the main character, Amy Dunne (aka the "gone girl") is pretty demented and definitely psycho. So when Rob, who has basically been MIA from social media the past two years, emerged to post a pic on Instagram of Amy with the caption, "This is my sister Kim, the bitch from Gone Girl," the world knew something major had to have gone down. Kim hasn't shied away from wanting to take a tough love approach with Rob's health issues, so maybe things finally went too far?

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  • Kendall vs. Kim: The Battle Over Who Is Hotter


    Image via KendallJenner/Instagram

    With her high fashion modeling career skyrocketing, it was no shock that Kendall wanted to take a step away from her famous family and their reality show. Of course, this did not sit well with big sister Kim, who prides herself on being the most popular and hottest member of the family. Insiders claimed that Kendall's new found fame went straight to her head and she even demanded double the money her sisters make to stay on the show! And to add insult to injury, momager Kris even reportedly said that in 2015 her priority was no longer Kim -- it's all about Kendall and her career!

  • Kylie vs Kendall: Kylie Calls Kendall the "B" Word!


    Image via KylieJenner/Instagram

    As the youngest family members, Kylie and Kendall have been inseparable -- which means that a little sibling/sisterly rivalry is only natural. Things heated up when Kylie posted a throwback picture of Kendall and herself cuddling with dad Bruce Jenner with the passive aggressive caption, "#goodnight #iloveyou #thisisafterkendallcutallmyhairoffcuzshesabitch #whatever" ... Maybe the "b" word was meant to be a term of endearment, but most sisters wouldn't say that publicly if they weren't really upset about something!

  • Kendall vs Kylie: Kendall calls Kylie "trashy"


    Image via KylieJenner/Instagram

    The rivalry between Kendall and Kylie just gets worse and worse. Kendall is becoming known for looking classy and flawless as part of her burgeoning modeling career. Kylie, however, is becoming known for dressing risqué and going overboard with her appearance -- and Kendall can't help but bash Kylie for her choices! According to reports, Kendall thinks that Kylie looks "trashy" and has told her to her face that she looks "ridiculous." Things exploded backstage at Kanye West's recent Adidas fashion show where the girls got into a blow out fight in front of everyone. Insiders say they can't even stand to be in the same room together anymore!

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  • Kim vs. Kourtney: “I Bought You a Career!”


    Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

    Eek. This was a rough fight to watch go down on the season ten premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Quick backstory: Kim wanted Kourtney to sign a release to appear as an avatar in Kim's highly successful video game. Kourtney didn't want to do it for free and just didn't feel it was necessary to be in a video game. Kim was hurt, okay she was flat out furious, and her response to Kourt's "no" was, "I bought you a f$%^ing career!" In the end, Kourtney agreed to sign the papers to help Kim, but maybe she thought there was some truth to Kim's statement?

  • Kourtney and Khloe vs. Kim: The Bentley


    Image via Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment

    Back in 2008, Kim decided it was time to treat herself to the ultimate status symbol on wheels -- a Bentley! She even took her sisters Khloe and Kourtney along to the dealership to commemorate the purchase. Then the problems arose when Kim called her sisters out for being rude to the salesman which turned into a major fight with Kourtney telling Kim she only "cares about money" and Kim yelling at both sisters, "You are just so jealous that you cannot get a Bentley!"

  • Kim vs. Kourtney: Kim Hires Someone to Spy on Scott!


    Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

    Scott Disick may be the father to Kourtney's three children, but that doesn't give him a free pass to the drama he's caused due to his drinking and partying. Looking out for her big sister, Kim decided hire a private investigator to follow him around. Needless to say, Kourtney was pretty offended and extremely mad when she found out and called Kim out, saying, "Seriously, how dare you get involved in my family and try to shake things up!?"

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  • Kim vs. Khloe: "You Evil Troll!"


    Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

    If there is one lesson and one lesson only to be learned from this fight, it's that Kim needs her sleep. Khloe visited Kim in Miami and went into her bedroom to say goodbye before an early flight. Kim was furious that Khloe had the audacity to wake her up and late texted her, "You're an evil, ugly little troll." It was over the top and unecessary -- even for Kim -- but she justified it by telling Kourtney, "You know that I need to sleep!" Sure Kim, whatever you say!

  • Rob vs. the Whole Kardashian Family


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    Rob has been MIA from Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the public eye for a few years now as he deals with struggles with his weight and depression. While Rob has remained quiet about what he's been going through, his family has not. They have spoken about it openly on the show. Rob is not too happy with his family's lack of discretion and is reportedly taking legal action to stop them from even mentioning his name on the show!

  • Kim vs. Khloe: "Don't Marry Kris Humphries!"


    Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Sometimes you gotta wonder what goes on behind closed doors when a fight erupts and someone ends up being, gasp, right! Because back in 2011, Khloe was very much against Kim marrying Kris Humphries. So much so, that Khloe talked loudly and openly about Kim and Kris' union at their engagement party. Low and behold, Kris wound up overhearing her and spilled the beans to Kim. Without holding back, Kim told Khloe not to come to the wedding. "I don't want this bad energy at my wedding," she said. In hindsight, Kim finally realized Khloe was right!

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  • Kourtney vs. Khloe: Khloe Enables Scott


    Image via KhloeKardashian/Instagram

    It's a known fact that Khloe has always been close with Scott Disick, and it's usually a relationship Kourtney supports. Except when Scott is in danger of falling off the wagon -- and now it seems that Kourtney thinks Khloe is enabling him to do so! Khloe and Scott are hosting a joint birthday party in Vegas over Memorial Day Weekend, and Kourtney is not happy at all with Khloe for going forward with those plans. Sources say that "Kourtney and Khloe had it out over that. Khloe tries to pretend that she always has Scott’s best interest in mind, but it is not the case."


  • Kim vs. Rob: "You're an Extra!"


    Image via STARPICZ/Splash News

    Talk about kicking someone when they're down -- and this isn't just anyone -- it's Kim hitting way below the belt with Rob. Now that Rob has decided not to be prominently featured in the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim refers to Rob as an "extra!" Looks like Kim has yet to get over Rob skipping out on her wedding to Kanye!

  • Kylie vs. Kim: Who is More Famous?


    Image via INFphoto.com

    As Kylie builds her empire, she has her sights set on modeling, fashion and TV just like her big sister Kim. But she also wants to get into music and producing -- two things that Kim never broke into. While it would make more sense for Kylie to feel competition with her sister Kendall, she really feels her competition is with Kim because they have similar looks and interests. Kylie's plan is to follow in Kim's footsteps -- and then push her out of the way!

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