Kevin Bacon Is Unrecognizable in Latest Selfie (PHOTO)

Whoa. That's the only thing I could think after seeing Kevin Bacon's latest selfie. Then I couldn't help but picture Edna E. Mode telling Mr. Incredible, "My God you've gotten fat." Because Kev looks at least six degrees away from himself in this photo, and at least 60 pounds heavier.


On Monday, May 4, the actor who's been in practically everything Instagrammed a selfie, and without any explanation of his bloated appearance, casually captioned it, "Greetings from the UK!"

Greetings from the UK!

A photo posted by Kevin Bacon (@imkevinbacon) on

What. Is. Happening. Here?? Is he allergic to peanuts or perhaps British food? Bee sting? Too much bacon? This isn't a case of fat-shaming, it's a serious what-the-heck moment!

And what's with the scruffy little moustache? This is not a good look, Mr. Bacon. Does Kyra Sedgwick know about this? Make it stop, Kyra!

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Of course, we're hoping that it's just a costume for the 56-year-old veteran actor. He looks totally normal and like his ageless self in other recent snaps, and he looked trim and fit in the latest season of The Following, so I'm going to assume there's no real cause for alarm.

Let's face it, apparently there can be too much of Kevin Bacon -- and it comes in the form of multiple chins.

Do you think this is stage makeup?


Image via Kevin Bacon/Instagram

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