Bruce Jenner Surprises Kim Kardashian With His Beauty Secret (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner and his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian have a very special bond, and the proud father has even said that Kim was so accepting and very easy to talk to regarding his transition. 


It seems natural Bruce would share some beauty secrets with his beautiful daughter -- and he even manages to surprise her in a new sneak peek over at Us Weekly, from the upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians two-part special, About Bruce.

OMG -- He has bubblegum pink on the toes! I love the color choice, Bruce. And I love Kim's reaction to how feminine his feet look. He is an Olympic champion, won the gold for a decathlon -- how do his feet look so amazing?!

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Bruce also admitted that he does his toes himself, which I understand. If you are Bruce Jenner, and you show up at the nail salon wanting a pedicure, you can forget having a relaxing spa day because the paparazzi and fans would swarm him. Plus, who wants to have their photo taken when getting a pedicure?! What if they caught you at that moment when the nail technician is sloughing off calluses on the bottom of your feet? No thanks.

I love how Kim is so impressed -- even though the whole bit seems so relaxed. Dang cameras -- can't they have hidden cameras so they don't know they are being filmed? Oh ... nevermind. Bruce also apparently is good at doing makeup. I'm not surprised since he is surrounded by gorgeous women who LOVE makeup. I am now hoping that Kim gets a makeover from dad -- that would be epic.

Aren't you happy Kim and Bruce have such a great relationship?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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