Robert Pattinson's Request for FKA Twigs Might Put a Dent in the Marriage Already

Robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson may be head over heels for (supposed) fiancée FKA Twigs, but that doesn't mean he is certain their relationship will never end. After all, he probably thought that about Kristen too! HollywoodLife reports that everyone's favorite vampire was so shaken by KStew cheating on him, that he's been having trouble trusting ever since -- hence why he asked Twigs to sign a pre-nup!


A source told the site:

After Kristen cheated on him with Rupert, Robert has had his struggles trusting anyone. It really knocked his confidence and it’s also a factor in why he’s thinking about a prenup.

While Twigs' career is on the upswing, Rob has clearly amassed a greater fortune than her at this point, and relationships do end, so it's probably prudent for Rob to ask for a prenup, even if it's not the most romantic notion in the world. Everyone who gets married assumes it will last forever, but the divorce stats say that's a rather fantastical and somewhat delusional assumption.

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A prenup will probably put Rob's mind at ease, too -- this way he knows that Twigs isn't marrying him for his money. However, this could backfire on him as well. They wouldn't be the first celebrity couple to marry with one party being more famous than the other -- only to have the less famous partner end up eclipsing the fame of the other. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid would be a good example. Hey, it's what A Star Is Born is all about. RPattz could miss out on that Twiggy money if she becomes more successful than he is.

But I'm sure these two aren't thinking of who can get their hands on whose money -- yet!

I'm sure it was a difficult thing for RPattz to ask, but Twiggy doesn't seem like the golddigger that many Twihards are accusing her of being. I mean, girlfriend wants to get married in a pub!

Should FKA be insulted or is it the right thing to do?

Image via KCS Presse / Splash News

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