Prince Harry Hasn't Met His New Niece Yet, But We Love What He Has to Say About Her

When it comes to his place in the Royal Family, Prince Harry knows he isn't about to become king anytime soon—especially given the fact that his new baby princess niece Charlotte is now fourth in line for the throne—and he has a fantastic sense of humor and attitude about it all. After paying Kate Middleton and Prince William's newborn a high compliment, he told the world just what he thinks about moving even farther down the line to the throne.


Prior to Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's birth on May 2, Harry was fourth in line for the throne. But now he has moved down the ranks one place and is fifth in line—behind dad Prince Charles, older brother Will, nephew Prince George, and now, Charlotte.

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His reaction? "Great." Ha! Is he the best royal by far, or what?

Harry, 30, is presently in Australia on secondment with England's Armed Forces, but he was quick to call his brother and sister-in-law after his niece's birth and had the following glowing things to say about her: that she's "absolutely beautiful" and he can't "wait to meet her."

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Harry is expected to remain in Australia for a month and will then return to England to reunite with his family and meet Charlotte. Given the sweet news we heard about how he was worried sick he'd be asleep when his niece was born, we're betting he's going to be a very doting uncle to this lucky little girl.

What do you think about Prince Harry's reaction to Princess Charlotte?

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