First Look at Kris Jenner's Emotional Reaction to Bruce Jenner's Transition (VIDEO)

Bruce Kris jennerBruce Jenner's decision to come out as female couldn't have been an easy one, and a two-part KUWTK special that will air later this month will show part of the reason why -- he must have known his coming out would be very difficult for his family, and especially his ex-wife, Kris Jenner.


Say what you will about Kris, but she and Bruce were married for 23 years, and had two children, and were and are a huge part of each other's lives. Bruce even intimated during his Diane Sawyer interview that the two might still be together if Kris had been okay with his transition to female. That might have been a little unrealistic to hope for on Bruce's part.

Little did we know that KUWTK had been filming the family's reactions to everything, but now we get a sneak peek of Kris learning about Bruce's decision -- and how Kim reacts to her mom's reaction. Check it out:

Kris Jenner is not my favorite person, but I do feel sorry for her here. Having gone through something similar when the man I'd been in a relationship with for a decade came out as gay, I get her feeling that perhaps the marriage was all a lie. Although you can be happy for someone as a person, and be glad that someone you care about has decided to finally be himself, it's still okay to mourn the relationship you knew and the person, as you knew him.

While Bruce said that Kris did know of his crossdressing and hormone therapy that gave him breasts-- he admitted he had downplayed his feelings, and she apparently thought his preference for dresses and breasts was just a "quirk."

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Bruce said that Kim has been the most supportive of the kids -- and you can see that here. She does an excellent job explaining what it must have been like for Bruce to wake up feeling like he wasn't in the right body every day. Kim's support of Bruce is wonderful to behold, however, she should be a bit more supportive of her mom too. She needs time to process, and shouldn't be urged to "let go" right away.

Will you watch the special? Do you feel bad for Kris?

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