'Walking Dead' Actor Was Having a Very Bad Day on NYC Subway & It's Caught on Video (WATCH)

So I'm guessing Walking Dead star Chad L. Coleman had a bad day if this video of him ranting in the New York City subway is any indication. The actor, who played Tyreese until he was knocked off earlier this season, joined the ranks of those who have melted down on a NYC subway train (hey, I've been there) with this epic rant.


TMZ reports that Coleman's hissy fit was spurred by someone referring to him as the "N" word, but that's not clear from the video. Check it out:

Well, something was wrong and it doesn't appear to because the train was stuck in the tunnel. Coleman, who also starred in The Wire (as he lets everyone know) told TMZ that he was NOT drunk, but obviously he WAS angry. He also explained that when he was asking everyone, "Where is your humanity?" he was referring to the situation in Baltmore -- but I don't know what that has to do with the people just trying to get to their destination in peace in New York.

As someone who has ridden the NYC subway for many years, I can tell you that when this happens, people usually act nonchalant, and carefully move away from the ranting party. A few jaded city souls sleep through it.

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But deep down, most of us are on high alert, wondering if the person is about to switch from amusingly high strung (or just high) to dangerous. Hey, we're all stuck in a moving metal cylinder, can we all just leave each other alone? Sorry you were having a bad day, Chad, but really, no need to take it out on total strangers.


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