Bruce Jenner Sued for Deadly Car Crash

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner has had a very eventful couple of months -- he not only came out as a woman to Diane Sawyer and the world, but he was involved in a car crash that killed an elderly woman, 69-year-old Kim Howe, who lived in the same Calabasas neighborhood as the Kardashians. Now Howe's stepchildren have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bruce.


Although the investigation is ongoing and some details are sketchy, what is known is that Howe was driving in front of Bruce when he hit the car. Howe's car then spun out into oncoming traffic, where she was hit and killed.

Originally, reports questioned whether Bruce may have been texting when the accident happened. Other reports said that Bruce was trying to evade paparazzi. Neither theory, however, seems to be true at this point.

TMZ reports that law enforcement sources said that Bruce simply wasn't paying attention when the car stopped in front of him and he ran into it. The lawsuit claims that Bruce was speeding, however, TMZ says officials say he wasn't.

Whatever exactly happened, the stepchildren of Howe obviously believe that Bruce was responsible for her death.

Bruce, who sources say is unlikely to be charged, has been cooperative with police, and he's expressed his sympathies. Sources close to him have said he's devastated.

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TMZ also reports that Howe's stepchildren were estranged from her and had little to do with her life -- so it may be difficult for them to prove "loss of affection" and other reasons as to why they deserve a payout.

The reality is that Howe, said to be a kind-hearted person who left most of her estate to animal rescue groups, lost her life. Certainly Bruce feels terrible about it. Whether the stepchildren will win their case, no one knows yet, but it's just a tragedy all the way around for everyone.


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