Duggars Then & Now: See How the Family of 19 Has Changed

Suzee Skwiot | May 1, 2015 Celebrities
Image: TLC


It seems like ages ago that we first met the expansive Duggar family. The famous reality-show clan appeared on a one-hour TLC special titled 14 Kids and Pregnant Again! Little did anyone know that 11 years, five more children, and more than 200 episodes later, we'd still be as fascinated by the large Arkansas brood. Not only has the family grown over the years, but they have also changed ... a lot

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To help us all reminisce about the moment we first met each of the Duggars, we've put together a little throwback montage of their original appearances. You will be surprised to see just how much they've grown. It might even make you feel old! Sort of like when you haven't seen a younger family member for years and then all of a sudden that family member is taller than you. 

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As the Duggar kids continue to grow and start their own families, we can't wait to see what's next for them. After watching a family on TV for so many years, you start to feel like you're a part of the family too. 

Here is a whopping list of each Duggar family member captured then and now. 

  • Then: Duggar Family


    Image via TLC

    Fourteen kids and another on the way! When we first met the Duggars, they were just a fraction of the size they are now. 

  • Now: Duggar Family


    Image via TLC

    The next generation of Duggars has arrived! Here, at Jill's wedding, the whole family gets together to celebrate their latest addition. 

  • Then: Jim Bob Duggar, 38


    Image via TLC

    The Duggar patriarch was excited to welcome his 15th child, and was busy building the family's massive 7,000 square-foot house. 

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  • Now: Jim Bob Duggar, 49


    Image via TLC

    He's Dad to 19, and Grandpa to four (with another two on the way!). 

  • Then: Michelle Duggar, 37


    Image via TLC

    The original "buddy," the home-school teacher, and jurisdictions coach, Michelle ran the day-to-day operations of the house, while she was expecting her 15th child, son Jackson. 

  • Now: Michelle Duggar, 48


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    After giving birth to 19 children, Michelle is now a regular speaker, where she gives lectures about faith, parenting, and managing a large household. 

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  • Then: Josh Duggar, 16


    Image via TLC

    The eldest Duggar had just turned 16, ran the family's studio, and was one of the most-often featured kids on the show. 

  • Now: Josh Duggar, 27


    Image via joshduggar/Instagram

    Now, the first child of Michelle and Jim Bob has a family of his own. He and wife Anna are parents to Mackynzie, Marcus, and Michael, and have another little girl on the way!

  • Then: Jana Duggar, 14


    Image via TLC

    The oldest daughter, Jana, was a buddy to several younger siblings, and was in charge of preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family. 

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  • Now: Jana Duggar, 25


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    She's a midwife-in-training and the family's gifted pianist. 

  • Then: John-David Duggar, 14


    Image via TLC

    Jana's twin, John-David, was just learning to help out more around the house, and would assist dad, Jim Bob, with car repairs and maintenance work. 

  • Now: John-David, 25


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    He's quite the working man! John-David is a firefighter at the Tontitown fire station, helps out as a first responder, is a volunteer officer for the Tonitown Police Department, and works in Jim Bob's construction business. 

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  • Then: Jill Duggar, 13


    Image via TLC

    Jill was little James' buddy, was loving helping out with the little kids, and had planned to become a missionary when she was older. 

  • Now: Jill (Duggar) Dillard, 23


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    She married Derick Dillard in 2014, and welcomed their first child, son Israel David, on April 6, 2015. 

  • Then: Jessa Duggar, 11


    Image via TLC

    The ultimate pickle lover, Jessa was chatty, friendly, and helped the family with homeschooling. She planned to be a beautician, and loved to sew anything and everything.  

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  • Now: Jessa (Duggar) Seewald, 22


    Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

    The third Duggar daughter married Ben Seewald on November 1, 2014, and is now expecting their first child -- due on November 1, 2015. 

  • Then: Jinger Duggar, 10


    Image via TLC

    The 10-year-old, who was Jessa's best friend even back then, had planned to be a chef when she grew up. 

  • Now: Jinger Duggar, 21


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    Now, at 21, she's the family's go-to photographer. She's photographed sister Jessa's engagement photos, and pregnancy announcement. Might she have a future with the business? Definitely looks possible. 

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  • Then: Joseph Duggar, 9


    Image via TLC

    When the show first premiered, Joseph was just 9 years old, and had already planned to be a carpenter. 

  • Now: Joseph Duggar, 20


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    Now, at 20, he's gone into construction. Better yet, the young man just enrolled at Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee, and many suspect that he may be courting one of the Bates' daughters. 

  • Then: Josiah Duggar, 8


    Image via TLC

    The feisty 8-year-old was loving the cameras (perhaps a sign of his future love for videography), and was close with big brother Joseph. 

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  • Now: Josiah Duggar, 18


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    At 18, he's now moved on to the next big step in life: He's courting! The teen announced that he's entered into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson, and the couple is getting to know each other through the traditional Duggar dating process. 

  • Then: Joy-Anna Duggar, 7


    Image via TLC

    Joy-Anna, like all her siblings was really starting to pick up the violin, and was one of Jill's (and James') buddies. 

  • Now: Joy-Anna Duggar, 17


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    The teenager is now the "overseerer" of the group, and manages the jurisdictions of all her other siblings. She's also impressed the world with her awe-inspiring athletic prowess. She recently showed off her weight-lifting skills... all while wearing a skirt

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  • Then: Jedidiah Duggar, 5


    Image via TLC

    The older of the Duggars' second set of twins, Jedidiah was a pizza lover and spent a lot of his time playing with the family dog. 

  • Now: Jedidiah Duggar, 16


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    The 16-year-old now plans to be a real estate agent, following in the footsteps of his parents, and helps around the house with lawn care and dad's real estate business. 

  • Then: Jeremiah Duggar, 5


    Image via TLC

    Born just five minutes after brother Jedidiah, Jeremiah had planned to be an artist when he was older. 

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  • Now: Jeremiah Duggar, 16


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    The twin now plans to graduate from high school in the near future. Like his brother, he helps out with lawn care, and is one of the family's go-to handymen. 

  • Then: Jason Duggar, 3


    Image via TLC

    Little Jason Duggar was one of the younger kids when the show premiered and had big plans to become a fireman when he was older. 

  • Now: Jason Duggar, 15


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    Now, he's all about the videos. The teenager runs the family's studio, where he makes music videos with his siblings and other guest stars like members of the Bates family. 

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  • Then: James Duggar, 2


    Image via TLC

    He was just two when the first Duggar special premiered, but James loved his chicken stuffing and taking baths! 

  • Now: James Duggar, 13


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    He might be in the high skies soon enough! The 13-year-old plans to be a pilot when he's older, and is still, believe it or not, a lover of chicken stuffing. 

  • Then: Justin Duggar, 1


    Image via TLC

    As the baby of the family (and the fourteenth child), Justin Duggar was just getting used to having cameras around. 

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  • Now: Justin Duggar, 12


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    The tween now is loving working on cars and wants to be a mechanic, and (like his siblings), totally digs the family's infamous tater tot casserole. 

  • Then: Jackson Duggar, 9 months


    Image via TLC

    His birth marked the end of the 14 Kids and Pregnant Again special, so we've been able to see Jackson from the moment he was born. 

  • Now: Jackson Duggar, 10


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    The 10-year-old is now the youngest Duggar boy (all his younger siblings are girls!), and wants to follow in older brother James' foosteps to become a pilot. 

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  • Then: Johannah Duggar, 1 month


    Image via TLC

    Little Johannah's birth was featured on the family's second reality TV appearance, in a special called Raising 16 Children

  • Now: Johannah Duggar, 9


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    Now, the 9-year-old is in charge of cleaning tables and floors in the family's home, and wants to be a doctor when she's older. 

  • Then: Jennifer Duggar, 1 week


    Image via TLC

    Jennifer, pictured here just days after she was born on the family's first official reality show (17 Kids and Counting), became Jill's little buddy after she was passed down from mom, Michelle. 

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  • Now: Jennifer Duggar, 7


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    Since Jill got married and moved away from home, Jennifer's big buddy is now Joy-Anna. The 7-year-old helps out with cleaning the girl's room and loves her animals. It's no surprise she plans to be a veterinarian. 

  • Then: Jordyn-Grace, 1 week


    Image via TLC

    At the end of their first season, Michelle gave birth to little Jordyn-Grace, and the name of the show was appropriately changed to 18 Kids and Counting. 

  • Now: Jordyn-Grace Duggar, 6


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    The 6-year-old, who is often featured in interviews with little sister Josie, is in charge of organizing the shoes in the home, and plans to be an artist when she's just a little older. 

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  • Then: Josie Duggar, 2 months


    Image via TLC

    The Duggar's youngest daughter, Josie, was born three months premature. In the heart-breaking season of 19 Kids and Counting, the little one stayed in the hospital for months after her birth due to health problems. 

  • Now: Josie Duggar, 5


    Image via duggarfam/Instagram

    Now, at 5-years-old, she's grown and happy, and is the baby of the family. She plans to be a cook when she's older, but for now, she's just in charge of gathering the whole family's laundry. 


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