Khloe Kardashian's Love Advice for Kylie Jenner Is Just Plain Sad

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner may be only 17 years old, but she's already learning what it's like to be cheated on by your man with his baby mama. They grow up fast, don't they? But luckily, older sis Khloe is there to show Kylie the cheatin' ropes, and teaching her how to catch her man on the creep.


Kylie was reportedly not too happy when rumored older boyfriend, Tyga, who has a child with former KDash pal Blac Chyna, was caught texting his ex -- caught because Blac was kind of enough to put his texts on blast by posting them to Instagram.

Rumor has it that Kylie immediately broke up with two-timing Tyga. But she doesn't know if Tyga ever got around to cheating -- just that he seems to have wanted to do it.

Khloe, who knows a thing or two about cheating men thanks to Lamar for sure and French Montana for maybe, had a slew of tips for Kylie on how to play lady detective. Pay attention, gals, because these could work for any of us.

A source told that Koko advised her lil sis:

She told Kylie that when she rides in his car next, to program the passenger seat to her personal settings. Khloe said if the setting have been changed the next time she gets in the car, to check Tyga on the spot!

Hm, I never would have thought of that. Brilliant, Khloe, brilliant!

Khloe also recommended watching to see if Tyga takes a shower as soon as he gets home, and some old fashioned man-busting moves like checking his clothes for perfume and lipstick.

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Thank goodness Khloe is around to make her little sister all paranoid and distrusting -- but I guess when you're dating guys like Tyga, you have to be.

Do you think Khloe gave good advice?

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