Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Pregnancy Rumors Are Getting Hard to Deny

Robert PattinsonEver since Robert Pattinson and singer FKA Twigs reportedly got engaged so suddenly (after only six months of dating?), rumors have swirled that the pair are headed for a shotgun wedding. Of course, pregnancy rumors follow every celebrity couple, but this one might be getting harder to deny.


FKA posted a recent pic of herself in Instagram lounging in the bathtub -- but she deliberately covered up her stomach. And now we might know why. Star magazine claims that fans at one of Twiggy's recent concerts confirmed that she does seem to be sporting a bit of a bump.

The source says:

Many in the audience noticed what seemed like a baby bump.

Also, many people have noticed how protective Rob seems about her, and how he's constantly wrapping himself around her waist. Also, sources say she has been avoiding alcohol lately!

All of this could mean pregnant, it could mean she's gassy. It could mean both. It could mean neither. But I'm just saying, more than one person noticed this! And she covered up her midsection! She's not boozing! What more proof do you need?

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Sources also say the pair definitely want kids. It might be a strange time to have one though, what with Twigs' career just taking off. But, hey, they're not getting any younger.

Twihards will probably have a national day of mourning when FKA does conceive a little Pattzy, but hopefully most people will be happy for them.

Do you think she's pregnant?


Image via Splash News

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