Kendall Jenner Takes Cruel Jab at Kylie Jenner's Appearance

Kendall and Kylie jennerKendall and Kylie Jenner always seem to the world like best buds, but is trouble brewing behind the scenes? Supposedly the two have been falling out lately, since Kendall feels that Kylie has gone down a "trashy" route with her looks and demeanor.


A source spilled to OK! magazine that Kendall does not approve of her little sister's face work, as well as her less-than-demure looks. But, really, is Kendall one to talk? She poses nude on everything!

The source says that Kendall, who is naturally "flawlessly beautiful" (I hope Kendall wasn't the source here! ha!), has nothing but contempt for Kylie's fake lips, butt injections, and jaw surgery -- well, those supposed things. Who knows if she really had all that (except the lips, those are fake, people!). The source says:

Kendall thinks Kylie looks ridiculous, and she doesn’t hold back from telling her so. She also thinks it's grotesque that Kylie has had so much work done particularly at her age.

And supposedly Kendall called her a "clown" to her face and said she looked like Donatella Versace. Ouch.

Well, sisters do say some nasty things to each other, but it's hard to imagine Kendall being this cruel!

The source says that Kylie's obsessive preoccupation with her looks stems from always feeling like Kendall was the pretty one and growing up in her shadow -- so Kendall should at least have some sympathy for her.

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Hopefully, Kylie soon realizes she is a naturally pretty girl who doesn't need to have any work done on her face. If she doesn't realize it soon, she could soon ruin those gorgeous looks with too much whatever.

Do you think Kendall really feels this way?


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