The Latest on the Royal Pregnancy: Will Kate Middleton Be Induced?

kate middleton prince williamIt should be any day now. Any minute now. But the clock keeps ticking and still no Royal baby. I'm not rushing Kate Middleton, but her doctors, midwives, and perhaps even her mom may be thinking it's time to induce. Kate, who is a natural-minded mama, may not be interested in that, but if she goes too far past her due date, she may have to reconsider. This complicates everything.


I want Kate to have a natural labor -- she will most likely recover much better than if she had to be induced or had to have a c-section. And she's a busy Princess who will have two kids -- a fast recovery is key. (Though I'm certain the Prince will take care of whatever is needed if she needs more time.) There were reports that Kate's due date was six days ago, but we aren't exactly certain. We knew Royal baby number two was coming mid- to late-April. Most doctors suggest an induction if it gets to be 12 days beyond the day baby was due. Tick tock. Tick tock.

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One of the most common induction drugs is Pitocin -- some people love it, some don't. It's known to make contractions stronger than if you were to have natural contractions. Some are concerned an induction could lead to a stalled labor and then a c-section. Recovery time after a cesarean can take a bit. But like I often tell moms-to-be, baby has his (or her) own due date in mind and we have to trust that. Will she be induced or won't she? I'm thinking that very modern Kate is going to say no as long as she possibly can.

Do you think Kate will be induced?


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