Kristen Stewart Re-Lives Sex Scene With Robert Pattinson

kristen stewartTalking about sex with your ex in a public forum is generally shunned. Unless you are Amy Schumer and can make everyone laugh about it. (Hopefully not at the other person's expense.) But what about sex scenes with your ex? That's a little tricky. We need to look to Kristen Stewart for this because she was reminiscing about her Twilight sex scenes with her ex Robert Pattinson. But what she revealed is something so unexpected, and deserves attention.


She called her sex scenes with Pattinson "agony." She wanted it to be good, she shared, but it was difficult even though she was in a relationship with RPattz at the time.

Fascinating. It's not all glitz and glam even when you have to pretend make love to your boyfriend on camera.

Kristen has been through the ringer in the last few years mostly because of everyone obsessing over Rob and she being the girl he loves (at first) and then the bit about her cheating on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders (who was married). I'm not going to point a judgmental finger at anyone -- no one knows what the whole story was there because this is their private lives and ... things happen. I was never on Team Kristen or Team Robert; I was on Team Can't We All Move On.

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Robert has -- he's engaged to FKA Twigs. And Kristen seems to be doing well and dropping some knowledge about what it's like for a woman in Hollywood. And she doesn't just refer to the Twilight sex scenes. Prepare for hard truth with a mix of sarcasm that only Kristen can deliver:

I just even question when a fairly established actress does a scene in a movie. When she shows her boobs and she hasn't done it up until this moment, and maybe she only did it for the prestigious part and it's okay for this time because it's classy. I'm like, 'Oh God, thank you for revealing to the world your treasure.

Women inevitably have to work a little bit harder to be heard. Hollywood is disgustingly sexist. It's crazy. It's so offensive it's crazy.

I love her for speaking out about this. She called her sex scenes with her then boyfriend "agony" and outed Hollywood for being offensively sexist. She is definitely someone we need to pay attention to when she speaks. Even Hollywood needs to do some changing.

What do you think of what Kristen said about her sex scene with her ex and Hollywood?


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