Bruce Jenner Loves Makeup, Hair & Heels -- Aww!

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner is finally living life as a woman -- and loving it! People magazine reports that while Jenner may have still looked quite manly during his interview with Diane Sawyer, the reality is that he is living as  a woman privately. And as a woman, he is just loving doing girly things like putting on makeup and getting his hair done.


A source tells the mag:

He's so excited about everything female. He loves to dress up, he loves wearing high heels, he loves doing his hair.

While Diane Sawyer told "her" (Bruce's name for himself) that she hates putting on makeup, Bruce pointed out that it's all new for him. Imagine getting to discover your female side in your 60s -- I'm with Diane. I'm so over heels, makeup, and the hour it takes to do my hair. But that's because I've been doing this stuff since I was 13. I need a break! For Bruce, however, it's all fresh and new.

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He must be having a blast right now. The source say that he loves to dress up for parties at his house and that he has a "full closet" of women's clothes at his house (which we saw on the special) and that he is finally "looking like the woman he's always wanted to be."

How exciting for him to enter this new phase of his life! Can you even imagine how freeing it must be to no longer have to hide his true identity, and to be able to do all of the things he's always wanted to without having to keep it a secret? It must be like the weight of the world is finally off his shoulders.

We should all wish him nothing but the best of luck as he starts his new chapter!

Are you excited for Bruce?

Image via Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment

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