FKA Twigs' Sexy Bathtub Photo Basically Confirms Engagement to Robert Pattinson (PHOTO)

FKA Twigs, aka Rob Pattinson's maybe fiance, is a lot of things, but the words talented, cool, hip and stylish come to mind before sexpot. The latest photo of her making the rounds is, by far, the most revealing we've seen of the singer so far. It should also put all of the engagement rumors to rest because, judging by the speck we see on her ring finger, they're totally true.


Celebrity stylist Kelly Clarkson posted this bathtub shot of the 27-year-old on her Instagram so, while it's tempting to get all excited thinking of Rob taking this photo (wait, I'm the only one excited by that thought?!), it most likely wasn't. Anyway, check it out—it's a doozy:

always have a bath before bed �

A photo posted by Karen Clarkson (@karenclarkson) on

FKA's own Instagram page is filled with photos of the singer, but none of them resemble this Kim Kardashian-like image. This is a woman who always seems most comfortable embracing her more artistic side and not playing up her sexuality. Even when she poses in something like a scarlet-red head-to-toe fishnet stocking (and she has), hers always comes off as an avant garde effort, rather than a blatant attempt to be hot.

So what's the deal with this bathtub photo? Is she telling the world: hey, check me out. I'm talented, hot as hell, and I've got Rob to boot? So what if he supposedly wanted to meet up with Kristen—look at what he's got at home?

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Even though we can't make out FKA's ring's clearly, we have to surrender to the fact that it's on that hand and that finger. It's only a matter of time before all is revealed and we get to see the rock.

What do you think about FKA Twig's bathtub photo? Is that an engagement ring on her hand?


Image via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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