Bruce Jenner's New Reality Show Will Reveal More Than We Ever Imagined

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner's new reality series documenting his transition from male to female is set to air on E! in July, and while the name of the series is hush-hush, TMZ has some juicy deets about what we'll find on the show.


A source tells the gossip site that the eight-episode series will focus on Bruce's adjusting to his new life as a woman, and although he may have been adjusting mentally and emotionally for years -- physically, it sounds like another matter.

The source says that the show will deal with some lighthearted, humorous moments, such as Bruce trying to perfect a new golf swing -- which isn't so easy now that he has breasts.

Also in the mix will probably be Bruce's wine and cheese parties with his girlfriends, which he mentioned on the Diane Sawyer special.

Sounds like Bruce is willing to poke fun of himself a bit on the show, which is good. While transitioning is certainly serious business, drama is always made more relatable and human if there's some humor thrown in. I don't see why we can't get some lighthearted laughs over Bruce trying to learn to golf swing with boobs, or walk in heels, or whatever. Hell, that is part of being a woman!

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The source says:

Bruce has a great sense of humor and it will be showcased. But the show will deal with the very serious issues Bruce is committed to showing.

Sounds like a nice balance between the light and the heavy. You've got to be able to laugh, or life gets pretty weary!
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