Chrissy Teigen’s Husband Defends Her From Ogling Older Man (PHOTO)

Chrissy TiegenWhen you've got a wife as hot as model Chrissy Teigen, chances are, other guys are gonna check her out once in awhile. But that doesn't mean, if you're Chrissy's husband John Legend, that you're not gonna call them on it! Legend put New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick on blast after a pic emerged of the wily older man eyeing up his wife's derriere.


Could be maybe that Belichick was checking out Chrissy's shoes? Or he dropped something on the carpet. Nah, I'm gonna guess he was eyeing up that rotund orb in that glittery dress, what do you think?

Erm, yeah. Busted! Though it does somewhat appear maybe Belichick was just falling asleep.

Legend's "Spy Gate" caption refers to that one time at bandcamp that the coach was caught illegally videotaping the defensive coaches' signals for the New York Jets, his team's main rival at the time.

If Belichick was wearing glasses, I'd wonder about them containing a small spy cam!

Belichick shouldn't feel too bad he was caught again -- hey, he's just doing what any red-blooded male would do, amiright? Hell, I'm straight, but I'd probably check her out.

Besides, Legend didn't seem too mad about it. He's probably kinda flattered. Don't marry a hottie if you don't want people oogling her!

As far as the champ of being checked out on the red carpet, that's got to be Kim Kardashian. Her ample rump attracts eyeballs wherever she goes. Usher was caught checking out Kim's butt at the MTV Video Music Awards, and an NYPD cop was caught with his eyes in th wrong place as Kim strolled past him while in New York City.

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As for butt checking happy endings, that's got to be the one where Joe Mangeniello slyly eyed up Sophia Vergara's curves at an event, and about a year later, was engaged to her.

Maybe Belichick was hoping something similar would happen. Keep dreaming, buddy.


Image via John Legend/Twitter

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