Kate Middleton's Baby Bump Like You've Never Seen It Before

We are (very) eagerly awaiting the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William's second child, but meanwhile, there is no shortage of things to keep us entertained. Take for example, this bizarre portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, which includes not only her firstborn Prince George, but a donkey as well.


All that's missing is the bright star, the manger, and the swaddling clothes. Seriously, it's hard to tell if this painting is meant to be satire or actual art. Maybe both? Take a look:

The cartoonish portrait was done by Kaya Mar, 59, who also painted Kate breastfeeding her newborn Prince George in 2013. He's a professional landscape and portraitist who was born in Spain, but has called England home for 40 years.

Talking about the less-than-flattering portrait outside St. Mary's Hospital on Sunday, Mar said, "She can't answer back, so the satire is quite soft ... I'm not really making fun of the princess, but of the way we all look at her."

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We're not sure what he considers "hard" satire, because this picture is pretty dang unflattering, but he did describe Kate as "a 21st-century saint." He continued, "Diana [Princess of Wales] was, too. But she died, and the British are a very emotional people."

Whether or not the British are emotional people ... we'd be willing to bet that Kate will have her fair share of emotion if she ever sees this painting.

Would you be offended by this portrait if you were Kate Middleton?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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