Scott Disick Steps Way Over the Line With Kendall Jenner

Oyza. Scott Disick isn't doing much to dispel those rumors that he's having an affair with Kendall Jenner. On this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott completely crossed over the line of appropriateness, when he started asking Kendall if she recognized any of the vaginas in his artsy nude photos.


Yeah, so that happened. Lord Disick was giving Kendall a tour of his new digs on the April 26 episode of the reality show, and he couldn't wait to show her a photo of naked models wearing animal masks.

Of course because Kendall is now a top model, and models famously get naked around each other backstage during costume outfit changes, she must recognize the va-jay-jays in the picture, right? Oh Scott Disick ... there are no words for you.

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Kendall was clearly uncomfortable during the whole ordeal, which as far as I'm concerned, just goes to show that she isn't having an affair with her sister Kourtney Kardashian's long time love and baby daddy of three. Just think how much it would say if she gave a wink and nod, instead of acting like she'd rather be anywhere but there!

The second youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew did manage to comment, "She has a nice body," about one of the models, to which Scott picked out two more and said, "Those are my two main bitches." Le sigh.

Scott is known for his outlandish (and often hilarious) quips, but he definitely went to far on this one. Despite all the rumors that they've been hooking up, he's 31 and she's 19. And she's basically his sister-in-law. Way too far, Scott, way too far.

Do you think this conversation between Scott and Kendall was inappropriate?


Image via Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

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