Kate Middleton's Birth Is Shaping Up to Be Much Different Than Expected

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Oof. According to reports, Kate Middleton is four days past her due date. That may not seem long in regular time, but when we're measuring things in days-past-due-date time, it's basically 247 years. According to sources, the Duchess of Cambridge was supposed to welcome her second born on Thursday, April 23. And, now here we are on Monday, and still no baby ... 


Kate's official due date was technically never released. A Kensington Palace aide even told Us Weekly, "We have never commented on or discussed a due date." However, multiple sources have said that that in fact was the Duchess' due date. Supposedly, senior members of the British Parliament were even briefed with April 23 as THE date.

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If Kate's due date wasn't the 23rd of April, it's definitely awfully close to that. From the sound of things, the Duke and Duchess have been getting ready for their new baby during the past few days, and there have been no signs of either of them since last Monday.

As anyone who's ever been pregnant knows, a due date isn't an exact prediction of when your baby will come, but instead more of a general guesstimate. Still, even knowing that, once you go past the date you were given, each day seems like an eternity. 

Whenever Kate's "real due date" is, one thing is fairly certain: There will be a new royal baby by the end of the week. And, hopefully, for Kate's sake, he or she will come sooner, rather than later. 

When do you think Kate will give birth?

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