Kate Middleton's Final Days of Pregnancy Are Bittersweet

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Okay, how has Kate Middleton not had her baby yet? I feel like we've been waiting for this little royal to make his or her debut for eons! The Duke and Duchess' newest edition is sure to come any day now, and in the meantime, Kate is reportedly in "good spirits." Not necessarily an easy task when you're at the tail end of your pregnancy. According to a family friend, "[Kate's] well, in good spirits. Everyone is! Although it would be fair to say also eager for the time to come." Her and the rest of the world!


For a normal person, the very end of pregnancy isn't exactly a walk in the park. Not only are you super uncomfy and can barely sleep, you're so anxious about where you'll be when you go into labor and the general arrival of your baby. I can't imagine what it would be like to have the entire world watching you at the same time. No thanks on that!

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Apparently, though, the Duchess has been laying low and spending time with her family in these final days. She made an outing to Zara on April 20 for some homewares (hangers, place mats, hand towels, and salad servers, if you're curious), but other than that, she's pretty much been staying at her home in Kensington Palace. Smart idea, considering she's going to have two little ones on her hands some time in the very near future. 

Other than her bout of morning sickness at the beginning, it seems like Kate Middleton has had a very pleasant pregnancy this time around. To be in good spirits when you're nine plus months in can't be easy. 

Here's to hoping the rest of her pregnancy and her delivery will be just as uneventful. And here's to hoping the rest of her pregnancy won't be too long. Come on, little baby!

When do you think Kate will give birth?

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