Kylie Jenner's Boyfriend Tyga May Have Gotten Her Name Tattooed On His Arm (PHOTO)

A lot has been said about 25-year-old rapper Tyga's relationship with a much-younger Kylie Jenner, who is 17. Some think their age difference is far too great to make for an appropriate and healthy romance, and others, like Blac Chyna—with whom Tyga has a baby—will stop at nothing until the entire world knows just how much she disapproved of their relationship (we get it). After Black spent the last week slamming Kylie for her inflated lips and posting alleged texts from Tyga on her Instagram, the rapper may have sent his ex-girlfriend the most powerful message of all: by tattooing Kylie's name on his arm. Seriously?!


Here's the brief back story: Blac obviously loathes Kylie and makes no bones about it. When every teen in America was sucking on shot glasses this week to take the Kylie Jenner Challenge and make their lips enormous, Blac poked fun at her by posting a photo of herself wearing clown lips.

She then took things to a whole other level by posting this text message exchange she claims she received from Tyga, asking her to give their relationship another chance:

Some are saying this is a fake text, while others argue that even if it's real, it proves very little. Maybe Tyga just wants to spend more time with his child—who knows?

But then one of Tyga's fans posted this questionable photo on her Instagram, showing the rapper sporting a huge tattoo of Kylie's name on his forearm:

So Tyga got Kylie name tattooed on his arm. its not small either �� but ���

A photo posted by KimKardashianWest (@kardashiandollx) on

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If this is real, I would advise Kylie to run. Now. These two haven't even been together for a year. Even if they were dating for two years or five years, she's 17. Surely, Tyga isn't placing bets that his relationship with a teenager is going to last forever and ever, right?

I'm guessing this photo is fake and has been photoshopped. I don't care how carried away some people get when they're in love or lust or whatever, it seems like quite a stretch to imagine Tyga getting a tattoo this early in their relationship.

By the way, no one involved in this crazy love triangle has anything to say about this tattoo—yet.

Do you think Tyga really got Kylie's name tattooed on his arm?


Image via kinggoldchains/Instagram


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