Kim Kardashian's First Words After Bruce Jenner's Announcement Make Her a Hero (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianBruce Jenner's explosive interview with Diane Sawyer dropped a major bombshell last night -- Bruce is Republican! Whaaa?? Just kidding, of course, the major bombshell was that Bruce is transitioning to become a woman. And a minor bombshell was that Kim, generally thought to be the most shallow family member, has been his most active supporter! Kim went on The Today Show to talk about Bruce and what she says might change your mind about her once and for all.


Bruce probably blew some minds last night, not only with his announcment, but by saying "Kimberly has by far been the most accepting and the easiest to talk to about it."

This goes against some rumors that were out there that Khloe had been the most supportive of the Kardashian girls, when in fact, Bruce said that Khloe had had the most difficult time with it. Kim said of her stepdad:

I think there is still an adjustment and there's, you know, family therapy. And we're really close. You know, I— I see reports that say, you know, 'This one doesn't support him,' and, 'This one's over here,' and my mom, 'feels this way.' And it's all really so made up. We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes.

It's good that Bruce cleared this up, because it was really unfair of gossip sites to perpetuate the notion that Kim had been unsupportive. In fact, Bruce said that it was actually Kanye who turned Kim's mind around and made her feel more comfortable with the situation.

Kim also tweeted:

I think it's important to note that if the kids weren't 100 percent behind Bruce's decision at first, it probably had nothing to do with anything other than that they loved Bruce for who he was and didn't want him to change or "disappear." Even the most supportive person would feel torn between wanting a loved one to be happy -- but also wanting the loved one to stick around in his or her current "form" and be the person they'd always known.

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What will take adjustment and time is learning that the person's outward appearance might change -- but he or she will remain the same inside.

That's something that the Kardashians and Jenners will have to struggle with, but being that they are a tight-knit family who Kim says are in therapy, no doubt they will manage it.


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