Bruce Jenner's Mom Reacts to His Transition & It's Beautiful

No matter how old you are, you always want your mother to be proud of you. Bruce Jenner is no exception. After he bravely told the world during his interview with Diane Sawyer that he has always identified as a woman and has chosen to live his life as a female, the 65-year-old received countless positive messages from his daughters, ex-wife Kris Jenner, and even celebs like Orange Is the New Black's Laverne Cox. But his mother's reaction is the one that instantly brings tears to our eyes.


Bruce's mom, Esther, is an 89-year-old woman who is know as being quite conservative. But she proves that motherhood changes us, teaches us, and molds us in ways we probably never expected. Here's what she had to say to her son after he came out:

"I was very proud of you when you stood on that podium in Montreal. I never thought I could be more proud of you but I am learning I can be."

How wonderful is that? Bruce must feel so loved and supported as he goes through this difficult, life-changing time. Esther could have easily refrained from commenting about her son's transition, had she not supported it, but instead, she has shown us that age needn't keep us from growing, learning, and opening up our hearts and minds.

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Bruce's dad died 14 years ago and he admitted he regrets not telling him about his gender identity prior to his death. He called his father a "wonderful human being" and said, "He loved me. I wish I would have told him. It would have been tougher for him than probably anybody."

It's sad that Bruce didn't get to have that closure with his dad, but amazing that his mom now truly knows—and accepts—the real him.

What do you think about Bruce's mom's reaction to his transformation?


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