Bruce Jenner Shares Surprising Way Family Reacted to Transition (VIDEO)

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner has revealed to the world that he was born female despite the fact that he was born with male body parts. Of course, one of the more pressing questions Diane Sawyer asked him in the riveting two-hour interview in which he discussed his transition, was how his family reacted to this astonishing news. You won't believe some of the the things he had to say about it.


Bruce told Diane that all of his wives, including first wife Chrystie Jenner, second wife Linda Thompson, and third wife Kris Jenner, knew some details of his struggle with his gender orientation, but not the true extent of it. All of them, he says, knew he liked to crossdress -- but he admits he was not forthcoming with any of them about the depth of his internal conflict.

Asked by Diane if hiding this big of a secret was fair to his wives, he admits it was not, and says, "I've apologized to everybody."

He says that a big part of the breakup with second wife Linda was his gender confusion, and even went so far as to say that if Kris Jenner had been more okay with his transition, they might still be together today.

Before he met Kris, he says he had undergone hormonal treatments for five years -- and since that had given him breasts, there was no way he could hide that from Kris, so he did tell her about what he was doing, but it's unclear if he told her how much he was struggling.

He says that he did tell Kris about his crossdressing, and even that Kris had seen him in dresses. Asked about her reaction, Bruce says she was casual about it and would say, "Okay, time to change."

Stunningly, he say that more than one child caught him in a dress -- in particular, there was a time that Kim walked in on him wearing a dress, and that she simply walked back out and then took a ride. When he called her to ask if she was okay, they both buried the subject and didn't bring it up again.

At another time, he says Kendall had set up a camera in her room hoping to catch Kylie, whom she thought was stealing her clothes -- instead, she caught her dad trying them on. Again, the family went into denial and no one talked about what had been seen. That couldn't have been easy for either Kim or Kendall.

When Bruce eventually decided this past year that he could no longer live a lie, he says the first child he told was Brandon, since he's like the family "Gandhi." When Brody was told, he says his first thought was, "Ahh, now it all makes sense!"

He says the first girl he told was Kim, which makes sense since she already kind of knew something was going on. He says that Kim had a difficult time with it until her husband, Kanye, told her that nothing means anything unless someone can be who they are. Kim then came around and has become one of his biggest supporters -- so thanks to Kanye for that!

Also, Kim's biggest concern was that Bruce, in his new female form, needs to look good, telling him, "You gotta rock it, girl. You're representing the family." He says that "Kimberly has by far been the most accepting and the easiest to talk to about it" -- so let's give Kim some kudos, because this wasn't the rumor that was going around, and unfortunately I wrote about that rumor and now I feel bad. Sorry, Kim!

Bruce confessed that the child who took it the hardest was -- brace yourself -- Khloe. "You would think of all the kids, she's the most fun and open-minded, yet she is having the toughest time with it." Bruce attributes this to the fact that Khloe has suffered so much loss in her life, with her father, Robert, who died, and then with Lamar Odom, whom she is in the process of divorcing, that she didn't want the one consistent male figure she had in her life to go away. Certainly that is understandable.

ABC News reached out to all three ex-wives, and both Chrystie and Linda gave supportive statements. ABC News said Kris did not have a comment, but on Twitter, Kris lashed out about this and said that no one ever asked her for a comment -- and that indeed she was watching the special with Bruce by her side.

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While Bruce's older biological children all appeared on the special, the Kardashians did not, nor did Kendall and Kylie. Kendall gave ABC a statement that she only wishes her father happiness.

As Bruce said about his children, "They're the only ones I'm concerned about. The only ones I don't want to hurt."

It sounds like now that the truth is out, the healing can begin.

According to GLAAD: At this time, Bruce Jenner has not requested that a new name or pronoun be used, therefore we are respecting his wishes and will continue to refer to Jenner by his current name and with male pronouns. Some transgender people prefer to change their name and/or pronoun quickly. Other transgender people may take more time to decide what name and/or pronoun feels right to them. To be respectful, use the name and/or pronoun requested by the individual.

Do the various reactions surprise you?

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