Bruce Jenner's Interview Answers the One Burning Question on All of Our Minds

Bruce Jenner

Wow. Who else feels like they got to know Bruce Jenner on a much more personal level after watching his interview with Diane Sawyer tonight? Ever since the interview was announced, we anticipated that it would be intense, emotional, and pretty groundbreaking, to say the least.


But after sitting here for the last couple of hours and listening to his story from beginning to end? It's obvious that Bruce is finally taking the leap to live his life authentically without hiding any secrets.

And while there were plenty of interesting revelations that came out of the interview, let's be honest, we all had one big, burning question on our minds before tuning in.

While he has obviously taken some of the steps that are necessary to complete his transition, we couldn't help but wonder whether or not he's going to go through with gender reassignment surgery at some point down the road.

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Based on what he told Diane, it certainly sounds like he's not quite ready to take that big of a step, and that he's holding off for now -- though he isn't totally ruling out going that route in the future if he thinks it's the right move.

And honestly, the fact that he's taking the whole process slowly just goes to show how genuine and real this journey he's on is, which will hopefully silence those who are being unkind or downright rude to him from here on out.

Early on in the interview, Bruce revealed that he knew as a child that he was transgender, which really shed light on how much he's struggled with his true identity his whole life.

One quote he gave struck me as particularly poignant. When describing how he used to feel when he saw other women, he told Diane he would think to himself, "How lucky are they that they can wake up in the morning and be themselves?"

And now, at the age of 65, Bruce is finally going to be able to do just that -- be himself, or herself, or anything in between that he darn well wants to be. Whether he eventually goes through with the surgery or not, it's perfectly clear that Bruce is embracing this turning point in his life, so let's all support and cheer him on, shall we?

I, for one, cannot wait to hear what else he reveals on GMA on Monday morning as far as what the next steps in his journey are. Now that he's going to be able to live his life on his terms, the future can only get brighter from here.

According to GLAAD: At this time, Bruce Jenner has not requested that a new name or pronoun be used, therefore we are respecting his wishes and will continue to refer to Jenner by his current name and with male pronouns. Some transgender people prefer to change their name and/or pronoun quickly. Other transgender people may take more time to decide what name and/or pronoun feels right to them. To be respectful, use the name and/or pronoun requested by the individual.

Are you surprised that Bruce is opting to hold off on surgery?


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